Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

2014 Year in Reviewfor those who want to join us in celebrating the goodness of God all over again.
January began with Kayla and AnneMarie returning from One Thing (International House of Prayer, Kansas City) full of joy.  Then Kayla took off for Bangkok, Thailand (YWAM Discipleship Training School) for 5 months.  Biggest praises:  Kayla’s excitement and Mommy and Daddy’s peace!  Mayana, Lia, and I continued to study Chinese history and culture, among many other things.

February brought Grace’s 14th birthday, beautiful photos and stories from Kayla from SE Asia, lots of cold and snow (of course) and the decision for Lia to attend Mariemont Schools for 7th grade.
March was filled with more cold and snow, scholarship applications, and the excitement of AnneMarie choosing Lee University for college.  

March also brought an unexpected blessing – being an unofficial foster family to our little 7 year old Miss J, originally from India, and needing some transitional loving care.

April began with a visit to Lee University for Lee Day – which was both inspiring and great fun, including hiking near the Smoky Mountains.  The thaw in Cincinnati finally came, and we relished our outdoor time with all the girls (including our very active Miss J!) – except Kayla, who was busy riding elephants and ministering to at risk children in Thailand before heading to India.  Miss J had a great birthday party with lots of friends!

May was filled with preparations for AnneMarie’s high school graduation (with PEP friends) and a very fun graduation party, plus the good news of her scholarships for fall.  Grace wound up her first year at Mariemont with good friends and great successs.  Kayla traveled from India to Malaysia.

June was packed with celebration, too:  Kayla’s homecoming party (!!) and Scott Amlung’s (and his lovely bride, Megan’s) wedding, which brought the whole family up for some great times of celebrating and hearing all about Kayla’s travels and ministry.  Meanwhile, AnneMarie was at Lee University for Summer Honors camp.

As June ended and July began, we said good-bye to our little Miss J, who by God’s blessing was welcomed into her forever family.  It was a tearful, but joyful day.

July brought us to Jamaica to build a house for a family and share with children about God’s love; in the process we made some great friends, praised God, and enjoyed some beautiful waterfalls and beaches.  (And oh, how we’d love to go back and do it all over again!)  When we returned, Kayla received an invitation to date her very first boyfriend – Adam Coupe!

August was crazy, celebrating Kayla and AnneMarie’s birthdays and then sending AnneMarie to school at Lee.  What a treat to meet AnneMarie’s roommate and the friends she’d already made!  Tom and Grace and Lia headed back to Mariemont Jr. High, and Tom and I celebrated our 28th anniversary (no kidding!)  Kayla started working at Vineyard Cincinnati church.

September always brings my and Lia’s birthdays and the beginning of homeschool co-ops.  Mayana and I being the only ones still “homeschooling” are enjoying a different pace this year.  Mayana loves Leaves of Learning, a new homeschool extension program for her.  We also got to visit Miss J at her new home.  So happy to know she’s doing well!

October’s big events were AnneMarie’s fall break (incl, carving pumpkins and roasting marshmallows with the fam and friends), Tom’s birthday, and Kayla and I attending an intense week of chaplaincy training.

November – Ah, Thanksgiving!  Can’t get enough of celebrating with friends and family how much the Lord has done!  This year we got to celebrate with friends and both sides of the family!  I also got to start working with a newer citywide prayer ministry, Roots and Branches, with my longtime friend, Susan Carson.

December.  Could it have just ended yesterday?  Wow!  AnneMarie is home from a super great semester at Lee; Kayla’s starting a new job and still looking forward to travel again; and Grace, Lia and Mayana are enjoying life as 7th and 8th graders (a feat in and of itself, if you think about it).  Tom and I are setting our faces forward – leaning into all God has for us in the coming years.

Today we await the arrival home of Kayla, AnneMarie, Adam, Samuel (our nephew), and others as they return again from One Thing in Kansas City, filled up and ready to embark on a New Year of blessing!

Happy New Year to all!
Pam, Tom, & girls

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