Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 .. and she is 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twelve:  a number that signifies the government of God in heaven .. perfect government  (unlike that which we have here on earth - so imperfect).  Twelve:  the number of tribes of Israel.  Twelve: twelve disciples.  Twelve, the number of gates of the New Jerusalem Temple in Revelation.  And more ...

And today our Mayana turns 12.  We have managed to allow the celebration to extend from 12-6 to 12-13.  Why not?   Last week was the birthday bash with a couple friends, a cousin, and sisters at Great Wolf Lodge (made possible by the precipitous "homeschool week special").  Tomorrow will be fudge brownies and raspberry chocolate chip ice cream after a dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes - M's special request!  (She's an American girl now for sure!  Mashed potatoes and gravy!!  Brownies!  Ice cream!!)

Needless to say, Mayana has been a very happy girl!   But she's happy most of the time :)

Today the big event was the ear piercing.  Now she's sporting two birthstone butterflies - blue topaz stones - that are quite adorable.  My little girl is growing up!!!

Lia, Mayana, and Charlie, the newest adopted member of the family.

And on Saturday - Gotcha Day!   How we will think of one more way to celebrate we don't know yet.

And Christmas is right around the corner, too!

We are so blessed by our Mayana Mei Xiang!!!!!

Happy Birthday to our sweetie!!!

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